Traditional Chinese Medicine Spiritual Healing is quite a unique modality. Here's everything you need to know.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Spiritual Healing is quite a unique modality. Here's everything you need to know.


heal the soul, heal the body.

Advanced TCM Spiritual Healing is a branch of TCM that has been lost over the years. This aspect of TCM focuses solely on the spiritual, and the healing of a person’s soul.

This differs from TCM as you know it, an alternative medicine practice that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping and more. Advanced TCM Spiritual Healers do not hold qualifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine and do not prescribe remedies or physical therapies.

An Advanced TCM Spiritual Healer works solely with chi energy to heal the soul. For this reason, we often simply refer to ourselves as chi healers.

What is Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Spiritual Healing?

Advanced TCM Spiritual Healers operate under the Eastern medicine philosophy, which is to investigate and find the cause of ailments, injuries and disease by connecting with your soul. Our Western counterparts, in the main, treat the symptom of a health issue, which can deliver instant relief but may not be a long term solution.

Both methods of practice can and do work well together…my naturopathy partner & I cross pollinate well!

Why see an Advanced TCM Spiritual Healer?

How does this modality differ from reiki?

Reiki practitioners channel Universal energy down through the body and out the palms for healing, calming and harmonising the client on the receiving end. The degree of healing is dependant on the power and frequency of the practitioner's channel.

TCM Spiritual Healing, in contrast takes the client's soul directly up to Source where the degree of healing is exponentially higher. Additionally, chi healing addresses the root cause of illness identified as emotional traumas, spiritual entities and 'dozy' chromosomes. This means that in addition to a calming, harmonising energy, the client receives a clearing that has long lasting effects on wellbeing.

There are only a small handful of practitioners trained in this modality, from one of the most advanced Chi Masters in the World. 

There is NO religious aspect. The term Spiritual is used to identify the connection to our souls. The soul being the very essence of our being (our life force) and the intrinsic relationship to building good physical health.

Is this modality religious?

This really depends on how well the individual’s physical self is connected to the soul. On average, the transference can take between 2-3 days dependent on what healing has taken place. It can be quicker; it can be longer.

How long does it take for soul healing to assimilate in the physical body?

I offer a 15 minute initial consult via zoom or telephone, free of charge to assess whether this modality is right for you.

How do I know if this is right for me?

How should I prepare for my initial consult?

I will email you an intake form to be returned to me prior to consult. The intake form along with your input will be used to compile a bespoke treatment plan.

All healing sessions are $200. Details of each treatment session are approved by the client beforehand.

How much does a healing session cost?

This depends on the individual and the complexity of their healing requirements.

How many sessions are required?

Where is
Herb + Chi located?

While Lauren and I are both based in Auckland, New Zealand, our clinic is virtual. Chi healing sessions are offered remotely, Worldwide.

From time to time, we do host in-person workshops - keep an eye out for the next one!

Sharon Emery, Spiritual Healer

Ready for a healthier, happier you?

Soul healing and alignment will help you expand into your highest potential.

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