If you haven't worked with a Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner before, you may find the below helpful.


If you haven't worked with a Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioner before,  you may find the below helpful.


Wellness is more than the prevention of disease. It's an engagement of the inner resources of each individual as an active and conscious participant in the maintenance of his or her own health.

Naturopathic medicine has its roots in the healing systems of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a patient-centred and evidence-based approach to healthcare that focuses on prevention of disease, promotion of health, patient education and self-responsibility.

Diverse in nature, naturopathy has many tools from which the practitioner can draw on, to formulate a truly holistic treatment plan that empowers the client and looks beyond the symptom to the root cause.

As a naturopath, some of the tools in my toolkit include diet and lifestyle advice, flower essences, nutritional therapy, herbal medicines, pathology and functional testing.

What is Naturopathy?

Yes! Naturopathic Medicine is based on a solid foundation of scientific evidence. Naturopaths undergo extensive training in biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, and natural therapeutics. We also participate in continuing education to stay up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in the field.

Is Naturopathy evidence-based?

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the people’s medicine, and is the oldest and most widely used healing modality today. It is the study and practice of using plant material for food, medicine and health promotion (Micozzi, 2011).

Plant medicines can gently nudge a person back into physiological homeostasis: they can stimulate or sedate, relax or tone, warm or cool, moisten or dry, cleanse or nourish. Today, there is much scientific literature in support of the therapeutic activities of herbs, and, when tempered with traditional knowledge, they can be used by a skilled practitioner for the best results.

As a professional herbalist, I consider all aspects of a person’s case before dispensing herbs, including their presenting condition, age, weight, constitution, vitality, medications, contraindications and current supplements. I can then formulate a custom blend of herbs tailored to the individual’s needs, a very different offering to what you can get over the counter.

Yarrow, with her feathery leaves

Seeing a practitioner can cut through the noise of the health industry and help deliver a treatment plan aligned with your goals, tailored specifically to your individual needs. Expert advice on diet, lifestyle, herbals and supplements from a trained professional ensures your treatment is not only effective, but safe.

Why see a Naturopath?

Sometimes, more information is needed to ascertain what is happening with your biochemistry and the way your body functions. In these instances, functional testing is a valuable tool that enables a more targeted approach, and often shortens treatment duration.

I offer salivary hormone testing, DUTCH testing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Mycotoxin urine testing, SIBO breath testing and various stool tests.

These tests are not funded, and range in cost from $150 to $560.

What testing is available?

What qualifications does Lauren hold?

I have a Bachelor of Natural Medicine with Excellence in Clinical Practice, an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, and a Bachelor of Communication Studies.

I’m also a member of the Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (#199).

As a general rule, over the counter supplements tend not to be at therapeutic levels, are sometimes the wrong form of herb or nutrient, aren’t well absorbed and contain less than ideal fillers. ‘Practitioner only’ supplements are backed by science at the therapeutic dose, in order to deliver a good outcome. 

Why not get supplements through a chemist/health store?

I will send you a few forms to fill in prior to our consult. These include an intake form, a health questionnaire, and a form to capture your past and current medications and supplements. If you have a recent set of blood work, please have it ready for your initial consult so I can review.

How should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Bumble bee, having a ball in this Globe artichoke!

How many consults are required?

This  depends on the individual and the complexity of the case.

I generally suggest an initial consult, a follow up a week later to present findings and go over test results, and a couple of consecutive follow ups at 4-6 week intervals.

Initial consults are $170 (60 mins), with follow ups ranging from $40 to $127.50 (15-45 mins). The only insurer that covers Naturopathy consults is Southern Cross, specifically their Alternative Medicine Providers add-on.

How much does a consult cost, and is it covered by insurance?

No. All recommendations made are an additional cost. I will create a plan for you based on your budget, please advise me at the end of your initial consult so I can do so. 

Are herbs and supplements included?

Where is
Herb + Chi located?

While Sharon and I are both based in Auckland, New Zealand, our clinic is remote/online.

Naturopathy consults are held via Zoom. From time to time, we do host in-person workshops - keep an eye out for the next one!

Finally - you can see me in person at the Urban Herbalist, Orakei Bay Village, on a Friday.

Lauren Glucina, Naturopath

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