Spiritual entities are 'beings' that lack a physical body and exist purely in the virtual world. Spiritual entities can include lost souls, dark energy, demons, creatures and extraterrestrials.

The effects of entity attachments can range from being a drain on your energy to the root cause of severe illness, depending on their numbers, strength and intent.

Spiritual entities

This chart shows a current life curse placed on a client, affecting her lungs and chest. The origin of the curse is the person who wished ill intent, while the one doing the damage is the entity commissioned for the attack. On a physical level, this client presented with a chronic cough and burning in the sternum. 

Curse map

According to spiritual Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are three main types of spiritual entities;

  1. Entities around your body
  2. Entities in your body
  3. Entities in your organs

Entities around your body are most commonly lost souls. Lost souls are also referred to as spirits, that remain on this earthly plane (in the virtual). For some reason they were not willing or able to ascend on passing.

Lost souls are the number one cause of chronic fatigue, and removing them can make a world of difference to your energy and vitality. I once came across a client with just shy of 100 lost soul attachments!

Curses are another form of entities around your body. Curses can be conjured up by anyone who expresses an ill wish on another (be mindful of your thoughts!).

When this happens, an entity, or a chain of entities, are commissioned to ‘take a hit’ on the target. Although they attack from the outside  – they can hold the energy back in your body and organs, too.

Types of spiritual entities

This chart shows several large entities that have attached to the heart of a client’s soul. The presence of these entities is blocking the flow of energy in the physical heart, and has manifested as inflammation and pain. When you clear the entities and heal the soul, you heal the body.

Spiritual entity organ map

Entities can also make their way inside your body, where they can interfere with the soul and create changes in behaviour.

Similarly, entities can invade your soul's organs, where they block the flow of chi and create a vulnerability that over time, can lead to physical illness.

The black circles represent large entities attached to the client's body, while the red circles represent lost souls around her body

Spiritual entities are energetic 'beings' that require energy as a fuel source. This is why they're the number one cause of chronic fatigue – they feed off your energy like a parasite.

Spiritual entities are everywhere, it's impossible to avoid them, so the goal is to strengthen your chi to the point where you can repel them or learn to live with them without too much trouble.

However, those that are affected by them, tend to be those who are highly sensitive and or highly creative. There are also certain conditions that will make you more susceptible to an entity attachment –

  • Those who are chronically ill, or have low chi
  • Drug and alcohol use (they call it ‘spirits’ for a reason)
  • Visiting historic areas or buildings where lives have been lost such as hospitals, hospices
  • Having blood tests, surgeries or other procedures

Why they attach

Sharon Emery, Chi healer

If you are sensitive, you may feel an entity attach as it happens. For others, look out for changes in mood, behaviour and physical health –

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping, sleep paralysis
  • Mood swings, unexplained anger, anxiety, irritation, depression
  • Hearing voices or unexplained noises or frequencies
  • Headaches, and a range of other physical ailments of unexplained cause
  • Change in eating patterns

How to know if you have an entity attachment

Removing spiritual attachments takes skill and a high level of chi. Chi healing practitioners are able to remove spiritual entities and curses, from your soul, family members, pets, home, land or business.

Once this is complete there are solutions offered to protect from further attachments. These include, an Iron Curtain and a Personal Space Shield.

Removing spiritual attachments

Working on a client

Our programmed chi balls are designed to help you build your chi, and can even remove some entities.

A Feng Shui ball will repel negative energy in the home and create a harmonious environment, while a Chi Long Protect ball gives you the ability to clear minor entity attachments.

Entity removal at home

Using a chi ball for entity removal

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